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Civil Service Gurukul UPSC (IAS) Prelims Test Series 2019

As per Artika Shukla -IAS, Rank – 4,UPSC Civil Services Exam – 2015. “Bought the prelims test series papers about a month before the exam. Spent days and nights on end solving them. In my experience,this was more beneficial than any book or notes I might have read earlier. I could never score a 100 on any of them! But continue solving them with utmost sincerity and diligence. And the final exam paper will seem like a piece of cake.”
Key Features of Bharat Gurukul Test Series
  1. High Quality Test :-Tests widely acclaimed for their quality questions and right approach to preparing for UPSC civil services Preliminary exam 2019.
  2. Detailed Solutions :-Detailed Solutions to each question with exhaustive explanations make  Civil Service Gurukul test unique.
  3. Wide Coverage Of Sources – High Precision and more relevant to Present Pattern.
  4. Focus On Concepts :- We take it very serious to focus more on concepts rather than on facts. Questions will help you build your concepts from scratch.
  5. NCERT and Current Affairs Coverage – You will fall in love with NCERT books and Current Affairs and find them more important than any other sources. You will realise this when you solve first few tests of  Bharat Gurukul.
  6. Date of Test Series– Test series will be started on 10/08/2018 
  7. Test Series consist of 12 Test Papers 
  8. Cost of Test Series – Rs. 1999/-

Test schedule

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